Starbucks Initiative

What is the Starbucks Initiative? 


All year round, twice a week, volunteers from ItsRainingRaincoats collect unsold food from Starbucks Outlets and hand it out to migrant workers across the island.

A flagship initiative started by founder Dipa Swaminathan, in collaboration with Starbucks, our initiative helps rescue unsold food and bring smiles and appreciation to the workers who get a treat at the end of a long day.

The initiative has since grown, and we have over a 100 regular and ad-hoc volunteers that spread cheer and joy with a bag of treats!  

Where Do I Sign Up? 


Please message/whatsapp Jocelyn at 9109 1722

We are currently looking for volunteers in CBD and west areas.

Time slots are: 

1. Wednesday late evening – CBD area

2. Saturday afternoon & evening – CBD & west areas 

What Am I Supposed To Do? 


Our Starbucks Initiative entails the volunteer to go to the designated outlet and pick up a package of food kept aside for ItsRainingRaincoats. You can then hand over the food to workers at a construction site or road works or any group that you come across.

Volunteers are assigned certain outlets to be covered on a regular basis, or they can offer to volunteer ad-hoc.

If you are interested, please whatsapp Jocelyn on 9109 1722 and she can guide on exactly what needs to be done, and help you understand the process better.


A general HOW TO to understand our process better:

1. Approach staff at counter, inform them that you are from ItsRainingRaincoats and you’re here to collect left over food.

2. If you see that the amount is small, you may try your luck by politely check if they can give some of food that’s still in the shelves.

3. Distribute all the food to any migrant workers you see in the area or along your way home, those doing road works or construction works etc.

4. If there are a lot of food you can consider giving to work sites. Just pass the whole bag to them. Try to distribute to different worksites if possible.

5. Take one or more photos of the distribution with Starbucks logo facing out and share it on our group chat.


Media Coverage On This Meaningful Initative


Our Starbucks Initiative has received coverage in the press over the years. Do glance over at some of the articles to understand the reach and impact of our initiative.