Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? 

Here are our non-exhaustive list of answers. You can contact us if you are unable to find the answers here. 


Am I too young to volunteer?

Absolutely not! Our youngest volunteer is 5 years old (just an example)! 

I Would Like To Volunteer But I Don't Know Where I Can Help

Get connected with us here so that we can update you of our events!


How Can I Contribute?

You can contribute by clicking to here. 

Where Do I Contribute My SingapoRediscover vouchers?

We have partnered with Klook so that you can donate your vouchers. Click here! 


I Would Like To Partner With IRR

Great! Please connect with us here. 

My Organisation Would Like To Bring The Migrant Workers Out, How Do I Do It?

Thank you for being such a good employer! Here it is. 

Schools / Universities

Bring My Students To Meet Them

I’m sure your students will enjoy interacting with our migrant workers! Click here. 

Our University Would Like To Teach Them English

Here’s the link.