Donate SingapoRediscover Vouchers To Migrant Workers

Singapore Flyer Tour For Migrant Workers From SingapoRediscover Voucher Donations

We are super excited to launch our new initiative to give our migrant brothers something to look forward to as we set off into 2021.

We were overwhelmed with the positive response to our bus tours that we recently conducted to show a few hundred workers our Christmas lights and city sights. But many hundreds of thousands of other workers are waiting for a similar opportunity to enjoy an evening out.

It was a revelation to us that many migrant workers don’t know our landmarks, can never afford to enjoy the city’s attractions even though they are the very men who build it.

So if you don’t know what to do with your SingapoReDiscover Voucher, why not redeem Flyer rides for migrant brothers to enjoy? They will thank you immensely and get to experience a joy they might never be able to afford for themselves.

You can donate your SingapoReDiscovers Vouchers to sponsor Singapore Flyer rides for migrant workers. ItsRainingRaincoats has the support of Singapore Tourism Board and Ministry of Manpower for this activity.

The Singapore Flyer tickets for our migrant workers are $35 each. Each voucher will buy 2 tickets, or 3 tickets with a $5 topup.

Each ticket will sponsor for one migrant worker a 30 minute tour of the Time Capsule followed by a 30 minutes ride on the panoramic Singapore Flyer. It will truly be a memorable experience for them. 

In addition to donating SingapoRediscover vouchers to bring migrant workers to the Singapore Flyer, we also sponsor bus rides so that migrant workers are able to discover our beautiful city on a bus! 

You may also consider donating to the campaign running on Ray of Hope. 100% of the funds here will be used to sponsor bus rides, snacks and other excursions for the migrant workers.

Steps To Donate By Redeeming The SingapoRediscover Voucher

  1. Go to Klook website
  2. Select the date and number of tickets
  3. Log in or signup for the account to proceed with the order
  4. Tick the box acknowledging that the purchase goes toward IRR, to purchase tickets for migrant workers.
  5. Enter your contact information
  6. Select the “Use SingapoRediscovers Vouchers” option.
  7. Enter voucher code(s).
  8. Select “Redeem”, and then “Book now”.
  9. You will be prompted to pay the difference, if you are topping up.
  10. In case of any issues, you can contact ONE of our friendly volunteers :
    Jocelyn @ 9109 1722 | Vidhya @ 9829 7282 | Joey @ 9722 9277

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

1) How many tickets can I donate if I want to donate $100 worth of my vouchers?
As the tickets are priced at $35 each, you can either choose to donate $70 for 2 tickets or you can opt to top-up $5 for 3 tickets. If you wish you can also top-up as much as you want with denomination of $35

2) Is there a limit for the tickets that I can purchase?
We welcome any amounts of donations – big or small

3) The vouchers that I have been given clearly states in the terms and conditions that the tickets are non-transferable, are we breaching the T&Cs?
We have a special arrangement with Singapore Flyer and we have gotten approval from Singapore Tourism Board for this initiative, so please don’t worry. We have all the approvals and we’ve done the legwork to make this all happen

4) When will the Migrant workers get to go on the rides?
We are making arrangements with Singapore Flyer for the workers to have dedicated rides. The first tour for the workers is scheduled to be in last week of February.

5) I am overseas, do I need to be in Singapore to donate?
No, everything will be completed online. Please encourage your Singaporean friends who are overseas to participate, since it will be a wonderful use of the voucher they will not be able to utilise.

6) Why are the tickets so expensive? I have seen cheaper tickets online.
The tickets are the official price from Singapore Flyer which includes Singapore Flyer and Time Capsule

7) Will the tickets that I donate go 100% to the migrant workers?
Absolutely. IRR is purely volunteer-run and all proceeds will go to the migrant workers

8) Are workers allowed in the public?
ItsRainingRaincoats is collaborating closely with Singapore Flyer and MOM to help ensure safe management of these rides. We will have buses to pick and drop the migrant workers up from their dormitories and Singapore Flyer are going to run the rides exclusively for the migrant workers. 

Thank you for your support to the Migrant Worker Community!