After the usual evening laughter and chit-chats, Selvakumar collapsed outside the dormitory bathroom and was pronounced dead in the wee hours of 10 May 2020, from coronary thrombosis. No parting words, no precursor. His family members and friends still find it hard to believe that a healthy and fully functioning Selvakumar is now gone, just like that.

Selvakumar Rajendran, 38, had been working in Singapore as a construction worker for the past 14 years. His friends describe him as a cheerful and diligent worker, who lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Selvakumar came to Singapore with a dream to provide the best for his family. Apart from spending on food and phone cards, rest of his income he remitted home to support his wife, aged father, and two lovely daughters (age 12 and 4). He always insisted that Sharsida and Atchaya get the best education possible, so they could afford a better standard of living than their father could. Now the burden of supporting the family falls solely on the shoulders of his homemaker wife Makeshwari. She is at a complete loss for how she can carry on and breaks down in tears every time our volunteers speak to her. Our volunteers have been in touch with the family, trying to help them cope with their grief and assuring them of our support.

In Selvakumar, we lost a dutiful father and son, a loving husband, a kindred brother, and a nation-building hero unspoken of until now. 14 years of contributions to Singapore is a long time. He deserves our thanks. And a little bit more.

If you wish to help Selvakumar continue to care for his family from wherever he maybe, pls do so here .